Sefam Values

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Tradition and modernity are inextricably linked; the latter would make no sense without the former – the former would have no meaning without the latter. Our Premium Fabrics and Prêt are designed using inspiration drawn from different corners of the globe.

Leisure club

Back in 1997, there was no Pakistani brand, which was creating and providing quality Western Wear for children and young adults. Leisure Club was founded to specifically address this and, since then, has been a trusted hub for generations of families.


Our solution for all traditional attire needs of the subcontinental male, which we lovingly refer to as Heritagewear for Men. The Indus Valley basin and the areas immediately adjacent, have a rich history and culture dating back thousands of years.


As an organization, the entrepreneurial spirit that took us from a small family business to an international force of fashion is still infused in everything we do.


SEFAM has a vision and approach to business with an unequivocal emphasis on our responsibility in building a resilient world that is environmentally friendly and socially responsible.