SEFAM’s brands adhere to the vision of quality and trust upon which the company was founded. These brands offer diverse and unique textile products to millions of loyal customers in Pakistan and across the world. We are proud of the fact that the overwhelming majority of our products is designed in-house and made in Pakistan.

Tradition and modernity are inextricably linked; the latter would make no sense without the former – the former would have no meaning without the latter. Our Premium Fabrics and Prêt are designed using inspiration drawn from different corners of the globe. Beauty is, after all, universal and can be found anywhere and in anything.

With each original design, we push the boundaries of what is possible in Print and Embroidery; each fabric is a canvas upon which we create works of Art. This is possible because we see no distinction between Art and Design – they are two sides of the same coin and, when this truth is accepted, Magic is possible.

Our designs are both contemporary and timeless because they are rooted firmly in tradition, and guided by modern sensibilities. This, along with our devotion to high standards of Quality, is the reason why Kayseria’s fabrics retain their Magic, year in, year out.

Kayseria is, truly, magic in Print.

Back in 1997, there was no Pakistani brand, which was creating and providing quality Western Wear for children and young adults. Leisure Club was founded to specifically address this and, since then, has been a trusted hub for generations of families looking to fill their wardrobes with everything trendy, casual and smart casual.

From boys and girls just starting out school to young adults looking to make an impression at College, Work or Play, Leisure Club combines Quality, Comfort, Style and Sustainability.

Our design philosophy is simple; trendy, contemporary and enduring.

We pride ourselves on being responsible retailers who design and create products that will give a premium look and feel for years, rather than participating in the ruinous race of Fast Fashion.

Our solution for all traditional attire needs of the subcontinental male, which we lovingly refer to as Heritagewear for Men.

The Indus Valley basin and the areas immediately adjacent, have a rich history and culture dating back thousands of years. The textile heritage of these areas is vast and illustrious – something to be proud of. We’ve taken liberally from this rich and beautiful tradition and produced a brand that is our love letter to the Men and Boys of Pakistan.

Shahnameh is the epic label where all traditional attire needs are met, for any occasion, any time of year, and with the same hallmark quality, comfort, and aesthetic brilliance, which are the cornerstones of all our brands.


SEFAM started out in 1985 with its first shop in a basement in Lahore’s Shadman Market. With time, as we stuck to our vision of never backing down from our commitment to quality and to always excite our customers with fresh, original designs, we won our customers’ loyalty and imagination. Today, with a retail network of 150 Points of Sale, SEFAM proudly services all of Pakistan and beyond.