Chairperson of SEFAM

Hamid Zaman, born in 1954, has been The Chairperson of Sefam Group since it was launched in 1984.


Hamid Zaman schooled at St. Anthony’s, Lahore, followed by a Bachelor’s degree at the Hailey College of Commerce. After having worked at his father’s embroidery unit for a few years, he went to Utah State University to complete his MBA, in 1972.


Founded SEFAM Pvt. Ltd. In 1984, with the launch of its most enduring, flagship brand: Bareezé. SEFAM became the holding company for more than a dozen fashion retail brands, each a trusted market leader in the market segment it served.
In 1995, founded SEHAS Traders LLC in the UAE; this became the vehicle for Bareezé to become the first Pakistani brand to become international.
Sarena Textile Industries Pvt. Ltd. Was founded in 1999 and today, its pursuit of excellence has seen it be counted among the top exporters in Pakistan.


Founded The Zaman Foundation in 2005, to help rebuild communities hit by the devastating earthquake that year. The foundation continues to help people who have lost their homes to natural disasters, along with making water filtration plants across Pakistan so that marginalized people have access to clean drinking water.

Entrepreneurial Life

After the collapse of the Pakistani embroidery industry in 1979, he got to researching ways to apply the wealth of technical expertise he had gained while working for his father. This led him to launch Bareezé, SEFAM’s first and most enduring brand to date.
His brands quickly became known for being true to the promise of quality that was attached to them and, over time, SEFAM came to be the holding company for more than a dozen fashion brands, each a leader in the niche it targeted, with a combined presence of more than 500 Points Of Sale.
Along the way, in 1995, he formed SEHAS Traders LLC, in Dubai, to retail SEFAM’s brands internationally; his were the first Pakistani brands to go international.
In the year 2000, Hamid Zaman founded Sarena Textile Industries, which has grown to become a modern, vertically integrated, B2B purveyor of high-quality textile products, and is counted among the top textile exporters of Pakistan.

A lifetime of service

Hamid Zaman is recognized as a trusted and respected leader of the Pakistani business community and this is reflected in his being elected as Chairman of the North Zone of the All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA). He has also served on the board of directors of the WWF, as the Vice Chairman of the Imran Khan Foundation (IKF), and on the Board of Directors of Fatima Memorial Hospital, Lahore.

Giving back to his people

Hamid Zaman founded the Zaman Foundation in 2005, following the devastating earthquakes in Pakistan; it is a vehicle for the rehabilitation of marginalized communities and individuals in the country.
The Zaman Foundation champions the causes of providing clean drinking water to communities, by setting up water filtration plants across Pakistan. The Foundation also empowers communities and people to rebuild their homes and villages following natural calamities such as earthquakes and floods.