Supply Chain

Established in 1985, Sefam (Pvt Ltd.) has the vision to provide consumers with a sustainable, premium quality, and comfortable fabric with a tag of Made in Pakistan as Sefam ensures to represent its cultural values through its products.

Holding some well-known clothing brands in Pakistan, Sefam is proud to showcase its supply chain process of fabric starting from yarn to the finished product. With careful attention to detail and following a systematic production process, high-quality fabrics and garments are produced that meet the expectations of customers and the standards of the fashion industry.

The process of creating a fabric can take several weeks or even months, with various steps involving the buying of yarn from trustworthy vendors who produce high-quality yarn, yarn is then woven together to create a final fabric. Once the weaving process is complete, the fabric is inspected to ensure there are no faults or flaws.

The fabric is then subjected to a printing and dying unit where the best quality chemicals are used to dye the fabric. Another layer of inspection comes where the dyed fabric is checked under various tests to assure the color does not bleed.

Embroideries is the next phase in this journey of a fabric where the fabric after dying is sent to the embroideries unit for the finest intricate embroideries, embellishments, and Japanese machines are used to create these beautifully embroidered masterpieces. The finished design is again sent to quality assurance phase to maintain the standards of the brands. The last phase of the fabric includes the finished design which is then sent for cut to pack and dispatched to the outlets.

Throughout the entire process, quality control measures are in place to ensure that the final result meets the required standards, and from the initial yarn to the finished product, each step is critical in creating fabrics that are MADE IN PAKISTAN.